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Astro HS Compound

Astro HS Compound CE Marked  High Strength Fire Mortar

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Astro HS Compound Product Image
Astro HS Compound
HS Compound
Compound Product
Fire Compound Product
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High Strength Fire Mortar Product Image
Super Strength Fire Mortar
High Strength Fire Mortar
Fire Mortar
Fire Mortar Compound
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Product Data Sheet

GB Safety Data Sheet

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CoC Astro HS FM Compound

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Astro HS FM Compound ETA

KEY: CE Marked Documents
CE Information DoP's are Declaration of Performance
CoC's are Certificate of Constancy of Performance
TDS's are Technical Data Sheet
ETA's are European Technical Assessment Sheet
UL Documentation are UL - EU Certificate

Product Features
To Order & Specify

Please contact us and quote the following information:
Please quote - Quantity | Trade name | Product Ref
Typical wording - 20 | Astro HS Compound | AFHSC



For in-stock items orders received before 2pm (Monday-Friday) are generally dispatched for delivery on the following working day (Monday-Friday).

CE ETA Label Astro X Series Pillow

Astro HS (High Strength) Compound is a Gypsum based mortar material used to reinstate the fire resistance performance of floor and wall constructions where apertures exist for the penetrations of multiple services. Astro HS Compound, once cured has excellent load bearing capabilities and can be installed in large span openings.

Astro HS Compound can be installed across a variety services and substrates including:

  • Rigid Floors
  • Rigid Walls
  • Multi-Service penetrations
  • Blank Openings
  • Head of Walls


  • Large unsupported spans
  • No shrinkage
  • Easy to mix
  • High strength and load bearing properties
  • Versatile workability range
  • Provides smoke seal

Areas of Use:

  • To reinstate fire resistance through walls and floors
  • Multi-Service penetrations
  • Loadbearing seals
  • Large Span openings
  • Prevention of air leakage
  • Maintains Acoustic performance
  • Assumed working life 25 years
  • For internal use
Description Result
Density Loose Bulk 950kg/m3
Density Wet Cast 1850kg/m3
Thermal Conductivity 0.45 W/m °C
Colour Off White
Packaging 20kg bags
Shelf Life 12 months if stored in accordance with storage conditions.

Number of 20kg Bags per m2 at 100mm thick seal depth
Astro HS Compound 6
Product Availability

Available in 20kg bags.

Product Code Product Description Weight Colour
AFHSC Astro HS Compound 20Kg Bag Off-White
To Order & Specify

Please contact us and quote the following information:
Please quote - Quantity | Trade name | Product Ref | Size
Typical wording - 10 | Astro Astro HS FM Compound | AFFCHS



For in-stock items orders received before 2pm (Monday-Friday) are generally dispatched for delivery on the following working day (Monday-Friday).


We have technical representatives who provide assistance in the selection and specification of the products on this site and should be consulted for exact installation and product suitability. Ensure an early engagement with ourselves, designers, main contractor and specialist installers before any installation. Other trades and/or manufacturers may need to be consulted. For in-depth information, specification and technical advice please call our Head Office on:

Telephone: +44 (0)1329 844 500 Email: sales@astroflame.com


All interested parties, designer, specifier, main contractor and specialist installers should provide access to allow the fire stopping seals to be regularly inspected and maintained, as well as records kept of such maintenance at minimum periods of 12 months, as required by the Regulatory Reform Order, and repaired if necessary. Reference should be made to ASFP TGD 17 – Code of Practice for the Installation and Inspection of Fire Stopping.


It is vital that those entrusted to design or install a fire stopping product have the necessary levels of competence to undertake the task professionally and thoroughly. The level of competency required will be commensurate with the expected complexity of the building. All designers must eliminate, reduce or control foreseeable risks that may arise during installation, construction or maintenance when preparing or modifying designs. Clients should ensure that the principal designer and principal contractor carry out their duties under CDM regulations. The ASFP foundation course in passive fire protection provides essential knowledge as part of demonstrating competency and understanding in this key fire protection specialism.

Additional Notes

Please refer to the ETA/UL-EU sheet for fields of application for this product. For further information on installation requirements please refer to the manufacturer of the services and the wall/floor specification to ensure the compatibility of this product, if in doubt please contact the technical team with services and wall/floor specification on:

Telephone: +44 (0)1329 844 500 Email: sales@astroflame.com

Health and Safety

The product does not present any known health hazards during or after installation. Normal good industrial and personal hygiene practices should be observed. For further information on health and safety requirements please contact the technical team on:

Telephone: +44 (0)1329 844 500 Email: sales@astroflame.com

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