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Intumescent CE Marked Pipe Collars

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Intumescent Pipe Collar in plasterboard wall.

Intumescent Pipe Collar floor fitting.

CE Documents:
'DoP's are Declarators of Performance
'CoC's are 'Certificates of Constancy'
TDS is Technical Data Sheet

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Astro X Series CE Pipe Collars are designed and tested to seal service penetration apertures containing plastic and metallic pipes, pipes with insulation or cables, using thermoplastic composites based on graphite intumescent technology.

Developed to provide a high volume expansion and pressure seal during a fire. The X Series CE Collar offers EI120 and EI240 tested to EN1366-3, the maximum diameter being 250mm, the ultra thin design of Astro X Series collar shell gives a depth of 30mm and 40mm ensuring that they can be installed into the tightest of locations.


Key Properties

CE Marked.

Certifire Approved.

Fire Resistance testing to EN 1366-3 EI30, EI60, EI90, EI120, EI240.

Pipe sizes from 32mm to 250mm.

Compatible with PP, PE, PVC-U, ABS, SAN & PVC pipes.

3 Fixing Tabs.

End Capping – Uncapped U/U and Capped U/C & C/U pipes


Astro X Series Pipe Collar can be installed on flexible wall, rigid wall, rigid floor constructions and in batt seals.

They are compatible with polypropylene (pp),polyethylene (PE) and Polyvinylchoride (PVC) pipes. X Series Collar is tested with end capping configurations that cover U/U, C/U, U/C and C/C pipes.

Astro X Series CE Pipe Collar is used around combustible pipes to form a penetration seal used to reinstate the fire resistance performance of wall and floor constructions, where they have been provided with apertures for the penetration of combustible pipe services.

Astro X Series CE Pipe Collar include an intumescent component incorporated into a mild steel case to close any gaps and joints and provide a closure of combusting pipes when heated and to prevent the passage of fire.

Astro X Series CE Pipe Collars are supplied in assembled form, without fixings. The collar is wrapped around the pipe at the soffit or both faces of walls, depending on application


The Astro X Series CE Pipe Collar range is available in standard sizes, to suit 55, 82, 110, 160 & 200 mm
diameter pipes, and includes intermediate and larger sizes.

Astroflame CE Pipe Collars Size Options


Installation details and technical support are available from Astroflame technical department.

• Place Astro X Series CE Pipe Collar around pipe and hold in place using the Slide clip.

• Slide into place.

• Fix using Rawl bolts or heavy-duty screws, When installing in partitions use 8mm spring toggles or
straight through fixings if 2 collars are to be used.


Further information on installation can be found on our (TDS) Technical Data Sheet.


Flame Red


Available to order in any quantity,

To Order & Specify

Please quote- Quantity / Trade name / Product Ref / Size
Typical wording- 10 / Astro X Series CE Pipe collar / AFPC55X/CE / 55mm

Health and Safety

The product does not present any known health hazards during or after installation. Normal good industrial and personal hygiene practices should be observed.




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